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Monira Khatun
Jun 13, 2022
In Education Forum
During the interview process recently, I found that bulk sms service there are many C-end product positions that are all about growth. Membership and growth are, in my opinion, the two most popular positions in the current C-end product field in the direction of general capabilities. Although I have not systematically done a very complete growth case, I have bulk sms service been very concerned about this direction. Whether it is reading books, exploring in your own projects, or chatting with interviewers, we all find that growth is a topic that can never be avoided in this industry, especially in to C business. Honestly, my thoughts don’t come from real growth hacking practices, but I’d like to share some of my thoughts on growth. There are many articles that talk about growth, including Li bulk sms service Calle's popular comeback some time ago, which is also talking about growth. And I talk about growth today, mainly based on my previous professional experience that is not long but very rich, and talk about the three things related to growth that I think are the most important: data, value and goals. Second, do we have the right target. Growth itself can be seen as an objective action, only the bulk sms service growth of XX can convey a precise meaning. Such as the growth of the number of users, the growth of content, the growth of GMV, the growth of retention rate and so on. Of course, these subjects are not independent relationships, and many times they are in a formula. I used to run a marketing channel from 0 to 1 in multipoint. Growth is imminent for a new channel. Whether it is the bulk sms service number of users, transaction volume, browsing time and access depth, all need to be comprehensively improved. But we can't do these things at the same time. We can't do thousands of people and thousands of faces to improve and convert when the traffic is not high, and we can't do off-site delivery when the experience needs to be improved. So I had a discussion with my boss. For an e-commerce marketing channel, enough products, promotions, activities, and coupons are the core of attracting users to bulk sms service come in and shop for as long as possible, thereby generating sales conversion. Therefore, in the early stage, we set the growth target to the number of SKUs and access more brands and products. To this end, the product structure has been optimized in terms of actions, and it has been disassembled into front-end display and back-end brand access.
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Monira Khatun

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