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Nayeem Ahmed
Jul 18, 2022
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According to the 2022 Type 2 Diabetes Clinical Care Guidelines, if diabetic patients are diagnosed with hyperglycemia, they should be treated with insulin first to stabilize blood sugar, and then decide the follow-up treatment. In addition, according to research, if the glycated hemoglobin exceeds 8.5~9% of diabetic patients, early use of insulin therapy can effectively reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease *2 . Weng Xuanfu further explained that in fact, early administration of insulin is a good way to treat diabetes, because insulin injection can photo retouching service effectively control blood sugar and allow the pancreas to rest well, but currently only 12% of Chinese people with diabetes use insulin *3 , which is much lower than that. European and American countries. "This situation makes my department of endocrinology and metabolism even more troubled, because we are responsible for receiving the most difficult-to-control patients who are referred from various places. However, although the disease is already very serious, we are persuading them to inject insulin and stay here for several months or even For several years, the illness was delayed because of this.” For this reason, Weng Xuanfu is committed to re-establishing the correct concept of insulin administration for diabetic patients through active health education. "We often see that patients take more and more oral drugs, but the blood sugar level is still not ideal. In addition, the drug itself has additional risks and side effects, so introducing insulin is a better choice."
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Nayeem Ahmed

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