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Devit wilkar
Aug 02, 2022
In Education Forum
In the end what is the survival of the beauty salon? Yu Fei , the international marketing consulting agency of Lange Zhiyang I often receive calls from the owners of beauty salons, telling me about the difficulties they encountered in the business process. While giving them proper advice, I also found that they have many misunderstandings in their operations. I always think about how many beauty salons I have and how big my storefront is. I always think about rapid expansion, but I don’t know that just the expansion of the scale may give people a shocking feeling in a period of time, but over a long period of time. It will inevitably reveal its shortcomings such as imperfect management, and it will lose its competitiveness over time. In today's competitive era where everyone is eager to imitate and follow, the expansion of scale can no longer meet the needs of the market, and the maximization of value can make the enterprise sustainable development. . Looking at most beauty salons now, they must ignore some details of services while pursuing scale expansion. In recent years, it is because some beauty salons ignore the existence of services that make their reputation worse and worse. Such poor corporate image, brand image and personnel image will inevitably have lingering adverse effects for all beauty salons that want to continue to develop tomorrow. As the competition continues to intensify, the competition among beauty salons is not a price war, but a value war. Beauty salons create new competitive advantages by providing customers with the most valuable products and services. Moreover, unlike price competition, value competition is a simultaneous effort on tangible and intangible values. Therefore, beauty salons should think more from the perspective of consumers and make a fuss about the emotional drive of consumers. Targetedly grasping their real, hidden, fragile, and faceless psychological characteristics, using directional commitment and credit incentives to catalyze and stimulate their potential purchasing power, presumably the effect is much better. However, many of our beauty salons are still unaware of this, and for them, the product that is being distributed and promoted one night will be sold the next day. Such an idea is certainly not wrong, but there are always some fly in the ointment, because whether your product sells well in the market and whether it is popular with consumers is ultimately up to the customer to have the final say. From this perspective, be good at listening to customers Opinions are more important than simply selling the product. Only by reselling and rebuying can you achieve a win-win situation. It is a pity that some of our beauty salons still do not pay much attention to the problems reported by some consumers, or shelve them, or ignore them. Over time, consumers are disgusted with their beauty salons and products, lose confidence, and eventually lose If the market is lost, it will cut off the financial road. Therefore, the transition from product marketing to service marketing is the key to achieving service breakthrough. Actively learn from the service industry and other useful experience with advanced service concepts, combine its own industry characteristics, and create industry-specific service marketing models. The modern service marketing model has two telemarketing list basic requirements, one is to create customer satisfaction value; the other is to do a good job in customer database processing. At present, the vast majority of beauty salons in China do not pay attention to the collection of customer information, do not know how to effectively use the customer database, do not know how to improve the operation process, do not know how to use pre-sales service to improve sales results, and do not know how to use after-sales service to improve customer loyalty. — the means by which these services are marketed. Therefore the essence of service cannot be grasped. Mr. Yu Fei , a famous brand marketing expert and CEO of Langezhiyang International Marketing Consulting Agency , concluded from practice that the core of service marketing is not the product. The essence of the so-called service is to transform the product from a simple product into a Service-centered products ” , thereby greatly enhancing the added value of products and consumer loyalty. There are many people who want to run a beauty salon. At the beginning of their business, they always think that they only need to find a suitable facade to run a beauty salon, hire some technicians who know some beauty knowledge, and buy some products and equipment, but they don't know. The thing is, such beauty salons can be seen everywhere in the streets and alleys. The more powerful ones can get a two-story facade, and the weaker ones can also get a one-story facade close to the street. It is very easy for beauty salons to open in this way. What about the future business continuity? Without unique selling points and servi
In the end what is the survival of the beauty salon?
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Devit wilkar

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